*So few of us realize soap is fundamental to a healthy skin-care routine. It’s one of the most important products in our daily lives. Not only is our skin our largest organ, but our skin also absorbs and breathes. That means what we feed our bodies is just as important as what we feed our skin.

*You can use our products with confidence knowing we’re natural, and Eco-friendly. We rely on nature’s healing herbs and plants to feed your skin. Our handmade soap bars are pure, made using natural oils and butters like shea butter, and sustainably sourced palm oil.  We add purifying clays, spices, fragrant all-natural essential oils, and dried herbs to produce our soap bars. All skin types can benefit from our mild soaps, even those with sensitive skin types.

*We keep it as natural as possible. We avoid the harmful stuff like, synthetics, additives, preservatives, harsh chemicals, and the list really goes on and on and on. Our ultra-moisturizing handmade products are plant based and enriched with plant botanicals, clays, and choice essential fragrance oils.

*All our products are crafted with a Shea Butter and Glycerin base known for their moisturizing qualities. Our soaps are pure, lovely, fragrant, healthy for you and your family, and safe for the environment.

*None of our products are tested on animals. The soaps we craft are pure, lovely, fragrant and healthy for you and your family, and are also safe for the environment.

Did you know?

The skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs over 75% of what you put on it. Yet, the commercial skincare products available are one of the most toxic on the planet.